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Forever In Our Heart




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In Loving Memory

This site was created in memory of Art and Corine. A loving husband & wife, father & mother, grandfather & grandmother.



Art and Corine grew up in East Los Angeles, born in the same year of 1954.


They met in 1969 at the age of 15 at Garfield High School. Art was active on the track and field team, running cross country and pole vaulting. Corine was studying shorthand and was involved in the school’s drill team. She loved sewing and often made her own clothes, including the dress she wore to the prom.


Art and Corine were married on July 6th, 1974. Art took a job at the Department of Water and Power as an electrician, where he worked until he retired 42 years later. They were blessed with six children, who they raised, loved, and nurtured. They built a life that was rich with family, faith, and meaningful times spent together. Art often taught Bible Studies with his nephews and brother and preached at church on numerous occasions. Studying the Bible was one of his many passions. Art and Corine also dedicated time praying and visiting community members who were sick or in the hospital.  


Through the ups and downs of 45 years of marriage, their love held them and their family together. In 2005, Corine was diagnosed with colon cancer and she fought the good fight for 15 years. Art was always by her side through all of her struggles and challenges. Corine’s strength to endure countless rounds of chemo and various treatments in those years is nothing short of amazing. Her faith and positive outlook on life inspired everyone around her and are among the many legacies she leaves behind.    


Art suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2018 and battled vascular dementia after the injury. In his last years, he took immense comfort in the laughter and love shared with his family during his trying times.


Art and Corine were fighters and people of faith, love, and generosity. In their darkest moments, their faith and love rang ever true. Today, we celebrate their love for each other and their love for us. Because of them, our lives are fuller.


We are forever grateful for Art and Corine. May they rest in peace and power as they reunite in never-ending love.

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